Coach Zelf organiserende Teams

New Way of Working Team coach

Background / Intro

Hotelschool The Hague specified three strategic ambitions as part of our Institutional Plan:

  • We are one of the top 3 hospitality business schools in the world;
  • We make a direct contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs);
  • We intensify our educational community.

Our mission is that our students and community benefit from everything we do. We see our community shape the global hospitality industry, while having a positive impact on society. We provide top-quality education and research for everyone in the hospitality industry.

And we want to enable our students, employees and the entire community to make choices and take initiatives that contribute to the continuous improvement of our education and research. That is the primary reason we embarked on an exciting journey to optimise our organisation.

At first Hotelschool the |Hague is looking for a Team Coach for their 10 Course Teams, this will be the assignment untill the start of the Summer Holiday. After the Summer Holiday they want to start with the support teams.

Organisation Optimisation

To achieve these bold ambitions, and ensure we put our student journey first in everything we do, we re-evaluated our entire organisation. We transformed the structure of our educational staff, and initiated a curriculum innovation programme. We are currently in the process of reformulating our purpose, values and culture, to better express what we truly stand for.

Besides structural transformation, this Organisation Optimization requires a more self-organising attitude within the entire organisation. It requires a New Way of Working together (NWoW). Starting with our Course Teams. And to implement this, we are looking for professional team coach able to facilitate and support the learning process of teams becoming more self-organising. A more detailed specification of the principles of our New Way of Working are shared below.

Role & Responsibilities NWoW Team Coach

Among others, the team coach we are looking for, need to help the NWoW project team determine the current needs and obstacles, develop toolboxes and help set up the coaching plan. He / she need to help the teams analyse and reflect on situations, provide and facilitate valuable feedback, and show participants specific patterns in their cooperation.

Together with NWoW Project team:

  • Make an inventory of obstacles for the successful implementation of self-organizing teams;
  • Set up development programme (timeline, actions, budget);
  • Help the NWoW team design the coaching program;

Coaching of the Course Teams:

  • Create a customised plan of approach or toolbox per Course Team;
  • Develop general toolbox for further Course Team development;
  • Help Course Teams understand the NWoW;
  • Help Course Teams incorporate NWoW within their team;
  • Coach Course Teams in implementing the NWoW;

Skills & requirements

  • Knowledge of self-organizing teams
  • Experienced in coaching and training self-organizing teams
  • Coach, training and strong communication skills (feedback- and forward);
  • Available for 8-20 hours per week, starting ASAP.

Principles New Way of Working (NWoW) @Hotelschool The Hague

Our new way of working is based on the following principles:

  • Guiding principle in all we do is the continuous improvement of the quality and implementation of our education, research and support;
  • Professionals and teams in both education and support take the lead. They are given the space and responsibility to organize and execute their work, and to work together with other teams on continuous improvement;
  • Our professionals and teams are supported by coaching, facilitating, and result-oriented leadership;
  • We formulate frameworks within which our professionals and teams operate, where possible based on an interactive process;
  • The needs of our students and teams are leading when establishing the support processes. Where possible, these processes will be as ‘lean’ as possible as long as the contribution to improve the quality of our education and research is and stays the starting point;
  • Our professionals and teams are accountable for the choices they make and the results they deliver. Together, we formulate goals, monitor progress, reflect on outcomes and jointly define improvement actions based on this.
  • Candidate must be fluent in English


A candidate profile does contain at least one case study: where did you hace a similar project, what was your approach, what difficulties did you encounter, how did you solve this?

Candidate can be presented until April 25th, 10h00

Deze vacature is ingetrokken op 12-5-22 om 16:34. Reageren is niet meer mogelijk.
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